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In addition to identifying and acquiring investments, L.C. Huber and Associates has been managing multifamily and office properties in the South Bay and Orange County for over 40 years. Originally started in 1970 with 6 units, L. C. Huber and Associates has grown in size reaching nearly 400 units within our management portfolio.  

The company offers a team of outstanding licensed Real Estate professionals with a plethora of property management experience.  Working alongside the management team are a group of outstanding property managers and vendors to create a company that offers complete property management and Real Estate services for all our clients.

L. C. Huber and Associates takes great pride in providing superior services and lower prices than our competitors.  Our family team creates a “small” business feeling for our owners giving the company the opportunity to be more hands-on and present on a daily basis and in emergency situations. All properties are treated as our own and we take great pride in keeping our buildings full and maintained. Great detail is given to communication with owners, timely services and a commitment to keeping costs low by providing many services that other management services charge extra for.

L.C. Huber’s unique property management services can benefit any multi-unit rental property. We would love the opportunity to meet with you to evaluate your building(s) and needs. L.C. Huber can offer you options for your property to increase your return on your investment though their management services, which are offered on a stand-alone basis.

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